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Let God watch over us all and over all the children in the whole wide world !

The Transylvania Foundation

batrana cu carteaEstablished on February 16th, 1998, the Transylvania Foundation is a non-profit organization for an open civil society, set up as a non-governmental, apolitical body, which comprises persons who pass on knowledge, study and perform research within the Transylvania clinic and within other hospitals in Romania, and those who indirectly take part in organizing these activities. It is open to Romanian and foreign citizens with no social, political, ethnic, religious, or gender-based discrimi-nation, on the condition that these persons possess legally acknowledged studies and abilities, ap-propriate didactic and scientific training, and the usual moral integrity. The foundation is a Roma-nian legal person in its evolution and it promotes the principle of equality of chances. The founda-tion performs activities in the social-medical-humanitarian field, it supports its members’ interests and guarantees their right to defense. Please join us!