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Harta Romaniei

I want to live, to be healthy again, to work, to listen to music, to dance, to write po-ems. Each day goes by in torture, each moment torments me, I feel like a bird with white, broken wings, which can no longer fly. I would like to leave, to run through my grandparents'orchard, the golden leaves of autumn to fall in my hair.


floriThe Transylvania foundation develops programs in the following fields:

A. Social
B. Medical
C. Scientific research
D. Support of hospitals in Romania

a. The social program consists in: the material and moral support and the instructive-educational protection of abandoned children, adults and poor and ill elderly people, but also of physically handi-capped or mentally disordered people, who have no family-protection or material or financial support and who find themselves in major difficulty.

b. The medical assistance program consists in: the assurance of medical assistance and treatment for children, adults and oppressed old people.

floric. The research program consists in: the scientific research of the precocious cancer diagnoses, the treatment of chronic viral B and C virus hepatitis, of malignant illnesses of blood, Leukemia and Hodgkin-illness. As a result of the treatment of these illnesses, children, adults and elderly people were cured, yet the program of scientific research must go on.

d. The program of material support for the hospitals in Romania consists in: the stimulation and material support of the hospitals in Romania with technique and medical equipments and other goods for long usage, which the Transylvania foundation gets from donors and sponsors from our country and abroad.