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Harta Romaniei

On the dark path of illness
The hope of despair lightens my way
In the silent solitude of the hospital
Sad eyes grow tears
Dark souls, torn hearts
Now, on the verge of despair I am left with my will
Wipe my tear and bury my sorrow

Our values

Our values:

  • we are interested in the community, especially in those persons who lack financial and material means, who do not own a home or those with a high risk to remaining roofless;
  • we believe in social equality and in the fact that every person, regardless of the individual circum-stances, must satisfy his basic needs: food, shelter and safety;
  • the purpose of our actions is to make our community a better place for the poor homeless people or the persons with a high risk of losing their homes;
  • we are highly concerned in offering special services and creative solutions to those who suffer in order to satisfy their ever-changing needs.

“The man’s most valuable treasure is HUMANENESS”