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Friend, come with us to save the life of our brothers in need !

Our Previous Beneficiaries

The Transilvania Foundation has already helped out children and young persons suffering from chronic hepatitis, AIDS, leukemia and Hodgkin’s disease by donating USD 100 000 worth interferon since founding date to present. We have provided care in our own precincts for young persons suffering from tuberculosis or needing drug rehabilitation. In areas devastated because of severe acts of Go, the foundation has also provided material and financial help, in the form of furniture, clothing, beds, food, and even an apartment was donated to a family with many children.
grup.jpg In cooperation with Catholic and Orthodox priests we have provided medical care and treatment to poor elderly and young persons, as recommended by the priests.
The foundation has also granted the Transilvania Scholarship to gifted pupils with good results. It has also financed the studies of students in the medical faculty, from the first university year to the final one, and after graduation it has provided a work place for some of them, as medical practitioners.
It has supported and it is still supporting specialists, for documentation purposes, in attending national and international conferences and congresses. It has organised and is still organising courses for nurses.
Often the managing persons in the foundation have helped out young women at stake, by offering them decent jobs.
The Transilvania Foundation has founded medical offices and mobile caravans, supporting medical exams, medical service and treatment for those people in need, with our own medicine supplies.
It has supported the financial costs of some very difficult surgery interventions in private hospital precincts as well as treatment with genetic engineering technologies and biotechnology in severe cases of skin burns on wide surfaces, for people who lack material and financial possibilities.
The foundation has organised and still organises – on request and free of charge – courses for basic medical knowledge and provides free medical assistance for the employees of the companies that make donations – in the mobile caravane system.
The foundation has provided food, medicine and clothing for the children or parents of large families, as much as we could afford from the donated supplies.
The Transilvania foundation provides assistance and help to all our kin and brothers who need it, despite their religious beliefs.