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'Love is everything we have got, it is the onlyway in which we can help each other' Euripides

Our mission

The mission of the Transylvania foundation and clinic is to create a positive difference in the life of the disadvantaged persons, of the paupers of all ages, of the homeless people, including that of the families with many children and of elderly people, mainly by providing adequate social and medical services and by ensuring an easy access to the innovatory communitarian services, which should contribute to reach the maximum potential through participation and management of activities, through providing a team of dedicated competent persons, of volunteers and of some models of good practice.

The Transilvania foundation and clinic positively influenced the life of hundreds of poor, sick and homeless people by providing them both dwelling services and communitarian social services which every person needs in order to have a decent life. We are especially concerned with the so-cial and medical activity which serves for the abandoned children and teenagers, sick adults and elderly people, disadvantaged families, retired persons through social welfare, social dialogue, adequate medical treatments.