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Harta Romaniei

Let your grandparents lean on you
Transilvania Foundation calls upon all the citizen of Romania, and the people from all over the world, to support the social and medical maintenance of the old people found at risk.

Our Current and Future Customers

Our customers are persons of any age who live in unbearable poverty. We provide them help by two means, according to the possibilities of the foundation.

  1. Those who lack shelter are offered one, taken care and treated at the foundation precincts.
  2. Those who have minimum lodging possibilities are helped, taken care and treated at their homes where our personnel is permanently visiting.

Medical and social services offered by the Transilvania foundation are provided for abandoned poor persons or those coming from large families at stake, of any age, suffering from diseases such as:

  • orl.jpgstrokes
  • total or partial paralysis
  • disabled persons, without limbs or with deformed limbs
  • persons confined to bed
  • tuberculosis
  • severe diabetes
  • chronic cardiac diseases
  • cirosis
  • cirrhosis
  • psychic diseases, some lacking memory
  • chronic sponylosis
  • AIDS
  • other diseases

The Transilvania foundation provides assistance and help to all our kin and brothers who need it, despite their religious beliefs.