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Harta Romaniei

I fear that I will not be able to fight illness and pain anymore. I see tears in my par-ents' eyes, in those of my younger brothers and I hold them desperately in my arms, seeking for a little bit of relief. I am so weak, when I walk I get easily tired; it's as if I float at a loss with what my destiny had in store for me. I fear of looking at myself in the mirror but I live hoping for your help.


batrana_cu_cartea.jpgIn order to become member of the foundation, you must:

  • observe the state‚Äôs regulations
  • love God
  • love your fellow men
  • not be insensible to the suffering of fellow men
  • protect animals
  • be a kind-hearted man
  • never hurt anyone
  • help those who live in hardship