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Harta Romaniei

I fear that I will not be able to fight illness and pain anymore. I see tears in my par-ents' eyes, in those of my younger brothers and I hold them desperately in my arms, seeking for a little bit of relief. I am so weak, when I walk I get easily tired; it's as if I float at a loss with what my destiny had in store for me. I fear of looking at myself in the mirror but I live hoping for your help.

Invitation and cooperation proposals

Our invitation and proposal address to physical and judicial persons including to foundations and volunteers all over, irrespective of the field of activity. We ask you to analyze carefully our appeal and according to your possibilities to contribute as your conscience dictates to you in order to help your fellows in need, who believe in your support. We should never forget those who ask for our help. Any person on this earth can encounter great difficulties at one moment in life, even if this person is very rich. Many rich people are indifferent even if they own huge riches. If there are peo-ple who ignore these beings who suffer because of objective reasons, we are asking you to make a noble gesture with as much as you can and thus you shall bring joy and hope in the souls of these people in need. God advises people to help those in need and that’s the way we all should act when someone asks for our help. The people who help those in need will receive tenfold. God bless you. Thank you!

For abandoned elderly people
Good people, we need your help to support the activity of the clinic and foundation but also because we shall found an asylum for abandoned, poor and sick old people. The greatest satisfaction we have is when we give our help to those who need it. So help us God!

We will promote the business of our sponsors and donors all over Romania.
Those supporting our cause will be mentioned in the Foundation’s Book of Honour. Those who wish to stay anonymous, either their names and/or their company’s information will be kept confidential. We hereby assure all our partners and all those who choose to cooperate with us of our full professionalism and confidentiality.”