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'Happier is the one who gives than the one who receives.'

Humanitarian appeal

Appeal to humanity and solidarity

copii abandonatiWe herewith make an appeal to your good will in the spirit of faith, humanity and solidarity, and are hereby asking you to join our foundation and clinic meant to sustain the social, medical and re-search activity regarding the care towards the suffering. We must not forget that there happy people but also unhappy ones who have an unfortunate destiny. The latter are born and live in inhumane conditions, are affected by different illnesses, some incurable. Others are abandoned at different ages and are so forced to live horrible lives, dramas. Without food, medication, clothing and a roof over their head, these human beings cry, dream and live for the hope that one day their lives will improve. We are human beings as well and should not pass them or organizations by in ignorance when our help is being asked for. Some of the people who have the possibility to help and even some of those who can not afford helping out, still reach out and give a helping hand. The Transyl-vania foundation and clinic has created conditions of sheltering, treating and sustaining such people in need. We would like to stress the fact that there are many such cases in our region and country and we would like to help out as many as possible but still depend on the financial help offered by others. For the time being we are confronted with financial and material difficulties in helping the needy who live in inhumane conditions and in carrying out our programmes and activity. We ur-gently require funds in order to overcome these difficulties and to look after, treat and save people who go through the most atrocious sufferings. We are ready to save and change lives to the better, to rejoice and bring a ray of light into the lives of the needy. Maini stranse cu dragoste si o margaretaIn order to accomplish this we need your help. We therefore ask you to join us in sustaining this humanitarian activity, you can also contribute to calming down the suffering and to saving one or more lives. We would also like to underline the fact that non government organizations such as this one are not allowed to make profit out of their activity and only function with the help and funds out of donations of private people or the companies they work for. Our appeal to you has sprung out of the difficult situation we find ourselves in at the moment and the fact that our activity can only be financed out of the donations, contributions and sponsorships of others, generous people who offer to help out no matter how small or big the contribution. By the help of people who believe in God, of the ones who understand and know what suffering means can the life of others in suffering be changed to the better if only they wish so. We hereby invite you to collaborate with our foundation as a sponsor, member or founder, you can benefit from different facilities if only you help out the needy ones. Your material or financial contribution as a person or company according to your possibilities - just as our savior Jesus Christ tells us to - will be very much appreciated. We beg you find a way to help out!

copil-trist-si-femeie.jpgWe have faithfully addressed you our appeal and have the certainty that you will find a way to help out as we are counting on you. We wish you and your family all the best and success in everything you fulfill. Please confirm by e-mail your intention of helping out financially or materially. You are cordially invited to our headquarters whenever you wish, you will be welcome. The Transylvania foundation and clinic urgently needs 150,000.00 $. You don’t have to offer this sum of money as a donation yourselves but as much as you can afford. You can transfer the money into one of the ac-counts of the foundation listed below. Every cent counts, so no matter how small the amount you give out, it will help raise the sum of money needed for us to overcome the difficult situation we find ourselves in at the moment. The material help we require for our clinic consists of ambulances, medical assistance and equipment of any kind, medication, food, refrigerators, TVs, computers, clothing and shoes for both adults and children.
The financial sponsorships and donations can be transferred into one of the accounts of the Transil-vania Foundation, open the Carpatica Bank, branch Tecuci, Galati County, Romania:

Account: RO 87 CARP 0181 0014 5961 RO01 - ROL
Account: RO 04 CARP 0181 0014 5961 US01 - USD

mihaitaThe material donations and sponsorships of any kind can be sent over post to the address of the Transilvania Foundation: Town Tecuci, Gh.Petrascu Street, no. 70, postal code 805300, Galati County, Romania.

Please give out a small part of your help to sustaining the humaitarian activity of our foundation and clinic, thus contributing to sustaining the needy and other hospitals in Romania which our foundation permanently is preoccupied with. Let’s help our fellow citizens who have an unfortunate fate and need our helping hand! So help us God!
Thank you!

“The one who gives out is far happier than the one who receives.”