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Welcome to the Transilvania Foundation web site!

Harta Romaniei

It's time to prove that we care for our neighbours who have no hope!

Current and Future Needs

A. Immediate financial needs.
For supporting its activity the foundation needs USD 150 000, an amount that covers the needs for the current period.
In order to raise this money we appeal to persons who believe in God, to physical and legal persons all over the world, no matter what area they activate in, wether they are employees or employers, istitutions, corporations, members and chairpersons of humanitarian and charity foundations, volunteers, the managing persons in banking institutions, brokers, etc, who all know what suffering means.

masini.jpg Our dear friends, we are kindly asking you to make your own contribution, as little or much as you can for the raise of this amount that is urgent in order to save lives, for the joy of those in need after whom our foundation looks. We are asking you to contribute any amount by direct bank transfer in the foundation’s bank accounts.
The bank accounts can be found on our site, under the header of bank details.

B. Our foundation also needs material help for our own activities, as well as for the activities of other clinics and hospitals in Romania, in the form of medicine, medical equipment and devices, medical vehicles or other vehicles that can be adjusted for such purposes as mobile medical assistance, clothing and shoes for children and adults, food, TV-sets, computers and laptops. Such goods can be sent by post at the official address of the foundation, which can be found on our site, under the heading: Contact Details.
Give and you shall receive so much more!

C. In parallel to the social and medical activity dedicated to the persons who need it, the foundation is also involved in cultural activities, supplying financial help to talented writers who don’t have the means to publish their literary works. The foundation also provides help to talented painters to organise art exhibitions in the country and abroad. As future project, the foundation plans to establish – with the help from Romanian and foreign investors – a hospital for persons with terminal diseases, as well as a national and international infrastructure for medical tourism.
The Transilvania foundation provides assistance and help to all our kin and brothers who need it, despite their religious beliefs or ethnic origin.