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Harta Romaniei

On the dark path of illness
The hope of despair lightens my way
In the silent solitude of the hospital
Sad eyes grow tears
Dark souls, torn hearts
Now, on the verge of despair I am left with my will
Wipe my tear and bury my sorrow


The needs of the Transilvania Foundation and Clinic are huge because Romania has a large number of abandoned and ill children and elderly persons. Some of these are supported by the Transilvania Foundation and Clinic and other organisations specialising in the field in our country. Sadly, many of them do not reach the humanitarian foundations and associations. The scope of our foundation is to help out as many persons as possible who find themselves under such circumstances. We intend and we are willing to increase the number of the assisted persons from 50 to 100. We also intend to open an asylum for very poor and ill elderly people. Also, in Bucharest, we intend to open a national center for underage children in need. The president and the staff of the foundation are wholeheartedly involved in assisting the persons in need and we are willing to help out as many people in need as possible. But for our activities and programmes we need to persuade more people who know what suffering means and who cand and want to contribute materially and financially. They can be from our country or from all over the world. So, our foundation is interested in serious long-term association, twinning and cooperation with generous natural persons, juridical persons, other foundations, clinics and companies in any field, volunteers for collecting, institutions that are willing to help materially and financially. Please be so kind as to go through our proposal of association or twinning and try to join us under these circumstances. If you are not interested in association or twinning with our foundation, we suggest and ask you to become our sponsor or donor. We would like you to become one of our close sponsors and donors, and your name will be honoured within the Transilvania clinic and foundation. You can donate any amount in the bank accounts of the foundation, and if you wish to donate materials that we need as mentioned on our web site, please send them to the official address of the Transilvania clinic and foundation. Please be as kind as to join us as suggested above. Thank you!