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Welcome to the Transilvania Foundation web site!

Harta Romaniei

Life is generous with you? Help some children and old people less fortunate than you!

Bank connection

77573_pic.jpgCome and join us, give in order to help those who suffer without their will, as Jesus Christ advises us!

The pecuniary donations and sponsorships can be deposited in one of the accounts of the Transyl-vania Foundation, opened at the Commercial Bank Carpatica SA, Branch Tecuci, county of Galati, Romania.

Account: RO 87 CARP 0181 0014 5961 RO01 - ROL
Account: RO 04 CARP 0181 0014 5961 US01 - USD

The donations of medical technique, medicines and other goods for long usage can be sent to our official address of the foundation: Fundatia Transilvania - Loc.Tecuci, str. Gh.Petrascu nr. 70, Cod. 805300, jud.Galati, Romania.

Please send us via e-mail your confirmation of your sponsorship offer or donation, the value of this and the date of depositing for our foundation. You are kindly invited to come at the domicile of our foundation any time you wish.
Thank you!

“May Virgin Mary requite you”!