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Harta Romaniei

On the dark path of illness
The hope of despair lightens my way
In the silent solitude of the hospital
Sad eyes grow tears
Dark souls, torn hearts
Now, on the verge of despair I am left with my will
Wipe my tear and bury my sorrow

About the Chairman

Chairman of the Transylvania foundation is Mr. Mihai Ganea, a Transylvanian surgeon from Baia Mare, settled in the town Tecuci, county of Galati, by appointment following graduation from col-lege during the communist years.

Ganea MihaiMr. Mihai Ganea is among the few physicians in Romania who have built a clinic that functions with the foundation he established after the revolution of December 1989, when communist dicta-torship was annihilated from the leadership of the Romanian state. Both the foundation and the clinic perform activities in the interest of forsaken children, teenagers, adults and elderly people, completely deprived of material and financial means, without a shelter, many of these being sick, and some of them even suffering from incurable diseases. Being a person of high moral, spiritual, and social standing, with a very kind heart, he has permanently been preoccupied during his activity in particular with the support and treatment of the needy, of drifting peers. For this very reason he established the Transylvania clinic and foundation, where he sustains and treats peers who have no means of support. Dr. Mihai Ganea has a long experience in the field of medicine. The activity per-formed by Mr. Ganea in the period 1976-2006.

  • Physician - primary surgeon - the “Iuliu Hateganu” University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj Napoca
  • Graduand in Medical Sciences - the “Gr. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iasi
  • Member of the Balkan Medical Union
  • Member of the Mediterranean Medical Union
  • Member of the Arabic Medical Union
  • Member of the Romanian Medical Association
  • Member of the Physicians’ Writing and Publishing Society
  • Member of the World Medical Association (WMA)
  • Member of the Writers’ Union (Costache Negri) Galati
  • Member of the Board of National Conference Management of the Romanian Patronage
  • Manager of Transylvania Publishing House
  • Diplomat of the Association for Religious Peace from Romania
  • Member of the National Council for Sanitary Reform
  • Chairman of the National Federation of the Romanian Medical-Pharmaceutical Patronage
  • Member of the Managing College of the Romanian Society of Sanitary Economy and Ad-ministration
  • Member of the Economic and Social Board of the Ministry of Health and Family
  • Member of the Economic and Social Board, the Committee of health and social protection fostering.
  • Member of the Administration Board of the National Insurance and Health House
  • Chairman of the Transylvania Charity Foundation Tecuci
  • General manager of the Foundation for the Support of Hospitals in Romania, Tecuci